Netflix Prize and Federal State Award of Austria winner

commendo came out on top in both the Netflix Prize and the 2009 Austrian Federal State Award for Consulting and Information technology!

Netflix Prize:

It was an amazing day for commendo's head researchers, Andreas Töscher and Michael Jahrer. On September 21st, 2009 Netflix officially announced the winner of the Grand Prize in New York City: Team BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos!

commendo – as a major part of multinational team "BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos" shared the first prize 1 million US-Dollars for improving Netflix's existing recommendation software by more than 10 percent. The commendo team, who had accepted the challenge together with more than 40,000 other teams from 185 countries, had already won the Netflix Progress Prize 2008.

Austrian Federal State Award:

commendo also won the Austrian Federal State Award 'Consulting / Knowledge based services' 2009 competition!
Christine Marek, state secretary of the Republic of Austria (Federal Ministry of Economy), presented the award to commendo's Georg Preßler, Michael Schrotter, Michael Jahrer and Andreas Töscher. They are the same team that had successfully participated in Netflix Prize competition, which was one of the reasons for winning this year's Federal State Award.

Christine Marek (state secretary) and Georg Preßler, Michael Schrotter, Michael Jahrer, Andreas Töscher (commendo)

The price ceremony was held on November 23rd, 2009 in Vienna, Austria.

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