Customer personalization - the key to increased sales.

Individual and automated product recommendations, matched to the preference and taste of every single customer - now possible with personalized high-profile recommender systems!

commendo research & consulting, an Opera Solutions company, is the international leader in creating and delivering customized recommender systems for distribution portals and online retailers.

Technology & Functionality. Individual solutions. Basics of the software.


International Expedia Challenge: First Place for commendo

"Learning to rank hotels to maximize purchases": commendo research performes best and placed in leading position at the international Expedia Competition, which wanted to find models to help personalize Expedia Hotel Searches much better!

2012: The journey continues...

commendo - An Opera Solutions Company

Opera Solutions Adds Leading Recommender Engine Capabilities with the Acquisition of Commendo Research & Consulting

The year of 2009: The journey begins... fabulously!


Netflix Prize and Federal State Award of Austria winner

commendo came out on top in both the Netflix Prize and the 2009 Austrian Federal State Award for Consulting and Information technology!