commendo research

commendo – an Opera Solutions Company – is a leader in advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive model development.

commendo was initially founded by Andreas Töscher, Michael Jahrer, Michael Schrotter and Georg Pressler in 2008. A little later Christian Andrich joined the team to broaden commendo’s expertise.
As part of Opera’s strategy to build leading-edge scientific expertise, Opera acquired the company 2012.

Today, the team is one of Opera’s premiere research groups and a worldwide leader in advanced machine learning.

Within the Opera Solutions group, we can primarily focus on what we are good at: namely to apply machine learning initiatives, develop algorithms, fine-tune diverse models that are needed in real-world applications and to use our expertise in the product development cycle of Opera’s premier Big Data solution, Signal Hub.”


To gain new expertise and to evolve new ideas as well as to evaluate and enhance our self-developed algorithms, our team participates in current scientific/industrial cups and competitions. The results achieved in these competitions and processes are essential new features for our future activities.”

commendo’s heads

Our analytics leaders, Michael Jahrer and Andreas Töscher, have been frequently invited to international scientific conferences.
They are well-known experts and part of the leading machine learning community.

netflix prize and
austrian federal
state award

commendo guys

In the early years the “commendo guys” were said to be the rising stars in the machine learning world, after they won the Netflix Progress Prize in 2008 and the Netflix Grand Prize in 2009, followed by several wins in scientific cups and Kaggle competitions.
In 2009 the Republic of Austria honored commendo, awarding the Federal State Award for Consulting and Information Technology to the Styrian based team.


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